Friday, 10 December 2010

Fixing Yesterday's mistake....

Hi I'm back..... :-) Yesterday I realised that I had lost a stencil...I re-cut a new one and it was the second colour that was here goes the new lot.

So...First colour again.

I put a creamy white colour on helps to block out the back ground.

The new Stencil number 2.
It looks really yellow...I think it's because I'm using a flash on the camera. The next one is with the stencil removed.

Stencil removed.

Whew, yes very yellow...never mind I'm sure it will tone down...:-)

The third colour.
The Third colour also looks very yellow.....must be the flash..

The Fourth Colour.
Starting to look a little better..taking shape.

The Fifth Colour.
It's really starting to come together now...I don't like the way the flash makes it look so yellow. I added the sixth colour which is white under the eyes.....and on the teeth.

Daylight shot.
I took this one the next morning. I had good lighting and the colours came out truer to the real thing.
It's not finished yet...I have to use a triple 0 paintbrush and finish it off.

At Last!
 Finally the finished article. Whew quite a task. I wonder what your comments would be on this....Hope you like it........
Now...what to do tomorrow......... :-)

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