Friday, 28 September 2012

Wallpaper and Decals

The very latest and hottest news is that Spoonflower are now able to print your favourite designs onto WALLPAPER  24" by 144" and a DECAL that is either 5 in, 15in or 30 inches square.
These you can cut up and stick into tray's , on the backs of chairs, inside your bathroom door or on any side of any door come to think of it. lol. Also stick it on the wall, onto a piece of wood and hang it or frame it, you can also cover that special book with it. The mind boggles at it all.

This is the size of the Decal on this design..15 inches by 15 inches.


I have wallpaper in this design and in this :
background_to_Turtle Fabric

On the Spoonflower site, when you look at the Wallpaper design it shows it to you with a chair and table in front of it to give you perspective as to the size of the print. Sooooooo Coooolllll!! :^D 

The designs are set at the sizes you see them on the site... BUT I can change them to pretty much any size repeat you'd like.  All you have to do is send me a message... the box can be found on THIS PAGE on the left hand side of the page.

Happy perusing folks! I have 70 something designs up and more in the works lol.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Design Contest, Typewriters (Black and White)

I must admit that this Contest caused it to be rather difficult to create a design. :p I started with one idea in my head... a typewriter with pages spewing out of it but decided that I didn't have time to first paint it and then scan it and then set it up for repeat. The time span for this was only a week or so for me 'cos I'd seen it later rather than earlier. :p
Anyway this is what I eventually came up with:
Typewriter (Black and White) Spoonflower Contest
So if you feel inclined, I'd appreciate a vote   :D  That's the link.. it shows the top winner and the other Nine Runners up of the Cheater contest, of which I am NOT one :( and the typewriter contest is on the right just click on the heading, Typewriters (Black and White)  and you'll go right to it.

Thanks everyone!