Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spoonflower is giving away 3 yards of Modern Jersey!!

This time you have until the 25th Feb 2014 to enter this free give away contest. :-)
Click HERE

You'll get taken to a page that will explain everything. It's really simple and easy.. you don't have to become a member of Spoonflower to do this and if you win please use one of my designs :-)
This is the link to my shop on Spoonflower Art On Fabric

Some of the designs you may like to choose from: I have a very wide variety of designs.. take a look at them at the above link. :-)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

I've been run off my Feet :-)

I haven't posted for ages.. loads of things happening and I've been naughty and not posted here for ages.

The most urgent bit of news is:
My Spoonflower shop : ART ON FABRIC   this is where you go to take advantage of a FREE SWATCH offer, with FREE shipping, that is only for FEB 14th 2014 ... starting at EST USA
You can get a free 8 by 8 inch swatch of any of my available fabric designs on the new Modern Jersey fabric.

Here is your chance to see what Spoonflower's fabrics are like, if you've never tried them before.
When you login on Spoonflower and then come here and click on the link, you'll go straight to my shop front page where you can choose a design, click on it and when you get there you'll see a green outlined box with a message GET YOUR FREE MODERN JERSEY SWATCH with a yellow GO FOR IT button... click that, you will be taken to your cart where you....... well you'll see :-)

This just in from Spoonflower :

Spoonflower Fabrics is a group administrator Spoonflower Fabrics says:


As you may have heard, Spoonflower's home state of North Carolina is buried under several inches of snow and ice at the moment, which has brought our little fabric factory temporarily to a grinding halt. As a result, we are postponing the Free Swatch Day that we had planned to run today and tomorrow (Feb. 13-14) for our new fabric, Modern Jersey. We will reschedule a new Free Swatch Day once we dig ourselves out. We'll go ahead and make the new fabric available today, but -- with apologies -- we're going to ask you to be patient and wait for your free swatches.

Thank you for understanding!

-The Spoonflower Crew 

I'll let you all know when it's on again.. :-) Sorry

The other news is that I'll soon have work posted up on SENOVA STUDIOS , yup one of a very few designers to be on this site and I'm really excited about it. I've always wanted my designs on shower curtains and blankets and duvets.... :-)

More news is my work is also on Society 6 now... see I wasn't kidding hey.. happily rushed off my feet I am :-)

Here my work is on pillow slips, laptop covers and laptop and phone skins, clocks, tote bags, T shirts and onsies and hoodies, all sorts of things.. oh yes coffee mugs as well.. LOL.
Here are some examples of designs on Spoonflower and Society 6......   Senova Studios will have to be a later post :-) Have a great day everyone .
A little bit of Reef on Spoonflower
The Great Barrier Reef on Society6

Anemone on Spoonflower
Nemo's cousins are Visiting on Society 6

All That's Jazz on Spoonflower
All That Jazz on Society 6

RazzMaTazz Jazz on Spoonflower
RazzMaTazz Jazz Nite on Society 6

For the Love of Sharks on Spoonflower
Sharks on Society 6

Shark Quartet on Spoonflower
Sharks, Which Ones? on Society 6

Chained Up on Spoonflower
Chain Gang on Society 6