Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Inspiration from afar...The La Paz Quilters

We've been sailing down the west coast of the Americas, from Mexico to Nicaragua to Costa Rica and then to here, Panama City. It's a huge place with wall to wall skyscrapers, some of them pretty impressive with very unusual architecture.  We've also spent a week sailing with friends around the Las Perlas Islands....had a fantastic time, but in the process I've been slacking on the blog. :-p

Some news for you though: A quilting group in Mexico, made up of quilters from all over the States down at their winter getaway, had previously bought some of my artworks and have made them into various items. They sent me some pics. Also they did a miniature landscaping meeting and sent me a photo of one of those pieces too....

The miniature landscape.
 The sand on the landscape is made using some soft upholstery fabric. Now the Cactus  was made using the exact same fabric, except the lady who made this, used fabric paint to change it's colour and added little black marks to depict the spikes. So ingenious I thought.!

Two scatter cushions made with art bought from me.
The Spider Conch Shell, used in a cushion.
A Pelican flying home at sunset.
These are two of the cushions made from pieces she bought. Sue tells me that she'll be sending another picture soon of other pieces she has finished.

I love to see what has been done with my art once it leaves my hands. :-D

Thank you Sue, for these lovely photos. I look forward to more inspiration from your group.....Didn't you mention a bag that your group was making? How did that go? Can you send me a photo or two, to show the folks who read this?