Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Oh My Word!

I can't believe that I haven't written in here for so long!
Life has been just crazy and I have gone through a break up in my relationship and a move of countries! So now I'm living in the UK again. My time I spent in Australia was fabulous BUT things change and hopefully move forward, don't they? Please say yes... hehe

Anyway one really great thing happened to me recently. I was interviewed by Print Me Pretty and it was posted in their Blog. If you'd like to read what they have to say, here's the link

Thank you Janet I feel very privileged.

I've also been designing for a quilter who wanted her very own fabric. Together we have created a huge number of designs. I'll be talking about them in my next blog update along with the link to her shop so that you can go and see them.. she's still uploading them all and it will take her wee while.

I'm so mad at myself today. I had planned to submit this design into the Spoonflower Weekly Contest for National Parks and was so busy I missed the deadline.. Aaarrrrggggg!!

To see this design on Spoonflower, just click the caption and it will take you there.
See you soon!