Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Chat with Quilters in KeriKeri

It was time. My belly filled with butterflies. Whew I hoped I'd not show how nervous I was. My bullet notes were on the table.. all my paraphernalia laid out in order. All I had to do was open my mouth and talk.
Talk about the thing I loved doing most. You can't put it under one umbrella. It has several titles and they are; Designing Fabric, Playing with Colours, Dyeing Fabric, Helping Quilters get the right colours in their chosen design so that it matches what they want to do...

If you see a design of mine that has fairly simple colours.. not too many half tones ( colours that fade from one to another ) and you like it, but, it's the wrong colours, you can drop me an email and I can look into changing the colours for you to suit you.

I spoke about my background and showed then examples of work from early 2001.
My African Quilt.
This is what it looks like today.
Each section here, except for the black, gold stripes and maroon stripes, was hand dyed and stencilled or painted. I've dragged it around the world with me, thrown it into washing machines with the wash. I wanted to see how well the dyes lasted.. and they have!

I showed them more hand dyed and painted quilt blocks... :

There are a wide range of them and they can only be seen if you visit me OR on

I have, since May or June last year, begun to design fabric by the yard.. or fat quarter.. on a site called spoonflower, where I have my own studio.
THIS is the place where I can change the colours in some of the designs... for example this design:
Various colourways of the crackle fabrics.
I have these on Spoonflower for sale, you can order them just as they are OR you can contact me and we can discuss colours.. I can change them to look like this:
 or this......
 or this.....

There is no limit to the colours you can get them at.
I can also change the repeat size on MOST of my designs.. either making the print bigger or smaller.. all you have to do is ask.. :^D

My talk went well I thought, The ladies laughed in all the right places and asked me some delightful questions. It was a lovely day. I think we all enjoyed it tremendously!.

These are the Quilters I went to talk to this week.

Monday, 11 February 2013

A quirky, cheeky, humorous gift idea

We know it's not a quilt, or some fabric that can be used in a quilt, it does use some fabric though :^D 
  My partner, David, and I came up with this FUN idea. 
Our new creation is a type of To-it. 

The To-it or Tuit  have been around in one form or another since the mid sixties, and this particular To-it is a Nautical To-it, and should address the problem of unfinished projects.
So now you can get around to it.

Our To-it was designed and crafted on deck of an ocean going vessel out of traditional shipboard materials.
It's a weird name I agree. 
Do you think it's weird enough to catch the attention of the worlds populace? 
We certainly hope so!

This is what our To-it looks like :
The To-it can be found in my Etsy Shop, just click HERE
The back of the To-it.. 
Please tell everyone you know about our To-it.. we'd really appreciate it.

Remember you saw it Here FIRST! :^D