Sunday, 20 February 2011

Manipulating fabric to create an effect.

I've been doing a lot of sailing lately and haven't had the time to do any painted work on fabric....but what I have done is hand sewed a British Ensign for our yacht and I thought you'd like to see how I did it. It's just another way to manipulate fabric into a picture. I used the 'Mola' idea except that you have to be able to look at the flag from both sides so I had to cut away at the back as well as from the front. It took me a bit of time to work it all out but I think it is looking OK. :-D

Three layers of fabric basted together....draw the lines and cut.
Two corners done ...on the front.

The back of the flag so far.
More work done.

Almost done.
A close-up of how I'm folding the edges back and sewing them to make them neat.
I have to cut it down to size and sew the red background onto it....maybe tomorrow...but then maybe I'm going snorkeling tomorrow...
I'll post updated photo's on here in the next day or so..Ciao
The day has dawned and I've found an internet connection here in here are some more photo's...
The finished front.

The finished Flag!

Flying proud.
She looks great we think. Here on the west coast of Costa Rica we can't buy a new flag anywhere so my sewing skills, ( not great at the best of times ), have been tested, and we're quite happy with the result....The next one I'm making will be for Panama....and I only have a few days to do it.....