Wednesday, 18 July 2012

An African Quilt

In 2001 I hand dyed and painted some fabric. Then I cut it up and designed a quilt. My Mum sewed it for me. ( I was away on a sailing course so she decided to surprise me and WOW she really did!) This quilt is my favourite that I have ever had, designed or made.
In our Cabin

Laid out on the front deck..please excuse the shadows :-)
I've been thinking on how to pass on the pleasure. Often people who have seen this quilt have said..Sylvie why aren't you making more of these and selling them... well I can't do that here on the yacht.. no space to do all that dyeing! 
So I've come up with a plan.

If you go HERE you'll be able to see the different pieces, carefully laid out in 1 yard lengths with 1/2 an inch between every piece, so that you can now buy the fabric and make your own :-)  I have not included backing or binding but I have some batik dyed crackled fabric that I'll upload as a 'Sixth Section' this can be used as backing if you like.. or just use black, gold, maroon.. etc.. If you like I can upload those colours in Batik Crackle....I can also give you the colour numbers so that you can take your spoonflower colour chart down to a local store and buy something that will match, for your backing.

I have started a collection called 'AFRICA' and it will hold designs for quilts with an African theme.

This is just the first of may I hope.. many? ha ha.. I have three in my head as I write this.. one is already on Spoonflower and the other two are being created...

Let me know if you have any problems locating these designs.. I'm still finding my way around spoonflower. :-p