Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Mermaid is finished..

Sorry about yesterday, I didn't finish the painting till late afternoon and then had to dash off to an outing. A whole bunch of us got together and had a great evening.
Anyway as promised here is the finished article...
The Finished Item..
I took some close-up shots they are :
She's a pretty Mermaid..

Her tail and some other sea life :-)...
I loved having the shells in my hand so as to get things right...I really enjoyed doing it...
The sea horse that Teri requested... :-)
We are sailing today to a place called Yelapa. It is supposed to be a lovely fairly secluded place with a forest and a few waterfalls for us to go walking in.....tomorrow's plan. On the sail over I'll be roasting a chicken with all the trimmings for our Christmas Supper. I'm not sure if we will have  internet connection or not, but don't despair I'll be back!

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