Tuesday, 14 December 2010

To add to my African quilt...

I know.......oars! what the heck have oars got to do with quilting...ha ha the answer is , nothing! I just thought you might like to see what else I've been up to. Anyway here are some photo's of what I was talking about last time with my African quilt. So if you didn't read the previous blog you'll have to do that now :-)
Giraffe drinking.
Wart Hogs with their tails in the air.
Little huts.
Different animals.
Crackle and chevron type design.
Main Panel, hand painted.
Another main panel.
Hand painted Panel.
Another panel.
I don't know how my Mom managed it, she didn't have a lot of time to get this done and get it sent down to Cape Town to me before I left to sail across the Atlantic... I got such a huge surprise when it arrived..I wasn't expecting it at all.....!! I've taken this wonderful gift around the world with me, crammed into my baggage, on all the different boats I've sailed. it sure has done some mileage. I stopped counting the mileage at 30,000 miles :-). I love this quilt so very much.

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