Thursday, 9 December 2010

The continued saga of stenciling....

Well I did say...''if all goes well'' ha ha, actually you'll see here what I didn't do and the result of it.

The first stencil, set in position.
It's rather exciting and nerve racking doing these for the first time. Especially with a design that hasn't ever been painted before.

First Colour painted.
Well that one was the easy one. :-)

The next stencil set up.
Ready to go to action!

What it looks like after painting....
Now I'm thinking...hmmm wonder if that colour isn't a little pale....oh well I'll just carry on and see what it turns out like.

The next stencil...
So I set it up and painted it....

Hmmmmmm still to pale for my liking..
I'm beginning to suspect I've done something wrong...missed something....anyway I continue on...

The next to last colour...
Now I know something is wrong...there is a whole section that hasn't been painted....seems I've left out a stencil.....when I looked for it I couldn't find it. It's disappeared! So I had to draw and cut a new one, and start all over again.

I'll show you what I did.....tomorrow. :-)

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