Sunday, 12 December 2010

The results of the Class.

The Class was a lot of fun....As I said I had to do another one a week later. I created nine birds that time. Unfortunately for some reason I don't have any photo's. I'll get hold of my students and ask them to send some, then I'll post them on the blog. I'll call it ...the long lost class... :-D

Anyway here are the photo's of the last class:
Pelican eating lunch.
Dolphin Playing.

Shells and Sea Stars...
My Favourite The Turtle..
Some fish, a clam and a Paper Nautilus..
Some jellies....
Two pelicans checking each other out :-)...
I sewed them together...
I still have to put some batting and a back onto it and then quilt it of course. It will make a great baby quilt. I have some lovely soft cream fleece that will be the backing fabric, lovely and soft and warm. I'll do the outer binding in a soft satin fabric, maybe a Turquoise colour....I'm not sure yet. Then I'll have to find someone to give it to...or keep it for a lap quilt for when I'm old .... :-D

I really would appreciate your comments.

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