Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How I make the quilt squares cont.....

Yesterday I told you about the main fabric process. Today I will describe the making of a stencil.

Firstly I need to decide what my subject will be. In this case it's a Lioness and her cub. I draw the picture as I'd like it to fit onto my square.

I used photographs, but had to enlarge the drawing myself.

I sit with the photo and draw it the size I need.

The drawing is rubbed onto a water colour pad and painted.
I turn the picture over onto water colour paper and rub the back...the picture gets reversed, but that's OK and I can see enough to paint it.

I draw the sections onto several pieces of plastic and cut.
In some countries a person can't just walk into a store and buy thin plastic sheets to make stencils. So here I use old X-ray Plate. You clean it with bleach and it is perfectly fine to use as a stencil. I lay several pieces of plastic on the painting and draw the different sections, ready for cutting. This design has 6 separate stencils.

Two stencils.
I lay the next stencil on top of the previous one to make sure that the match is good.

Third layer.
Ok so now you're getting the idea....
Tomorrow I'll show you some more drawings that I'm working on. see you then. :-D

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