Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Some other drawings I'm working on...

When I start to put a range together I need to think about how they'd look as a group as well as how they will be painted. So I thought that I'd do six to start with and if people seemed to like them then I'd add a few more.

The Leopard.

The Buffalo.
He's going to be pretty interesting to paint because he has kind of slate blue colouring to his horns.

The Giraffe.
They are such stately animals and of course, until you've actually seen one in the flesh you don't really realise how big they are!

The White Rhino.
The black and the white rhinos aren't really black and white, ha ha the difference between them is the shape of their top lip. The black rhino's top lip is pointed.

The Elephant.
Hmmmmm I've just realised that I've done a whole Ellie instead of just a head shot.....wonder if I should change that.......

Tomorrow, if all goes well I plan to show you some photo's of the actual painting of the Lioness and Cub Stencil.....
See you then :-D

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