Thursday, 28 April 2011

Work in Progress

I thought that I would share a project I'm currently working on. It's for someone on etsy who contacted me about getting two twin quilts, for two lovely girls. ( I've dubbed them "The twin twins") Up till now every quilt I have made have been unique, with the exception of my own daughters quilts. I started these quilts almost two weeks ago and have been working on them in much of my spare time.

When I start making a quilt, I first cut all the fabric into 6" X 6" squares, and the cotton batting is next. I start sandwiching them with the same pattern on the top as on the bottom. I have seen most people use one colour fabric on the back and have wondered if they do that because they get that fabric cheaper, of if they think it looks better.. I like the quilt on the underside to look like the top!

Then After I have them all sandwiched and pinned, I sew the traditional X threw every square and start to lay out my squares in the pattern I want. After I've gotten it the way I want it, I start to pin the squares together in vertical lines and take them to the machine to sew!

I start sewing the verticals lines together as I go lining up seams carefully! (because I use the same pattern on the top as bottom, sloppiness will show!) Then its on to the border! I machine stitch all the way around the blanket twice to help ensure longevity of the quilt.

Then the part that takes the longest!! The snipping! Every seam gets a snip every 1/4 inch!!

Here are some photo's of my progress so far.. there are two quilts here, one on top of the other. So that i don't get them mixed up, whatever I do to one, I do to the other!

Bottom pic is before snipping occurs!

Sorry for the bad lighting, I wish I was a better photographer!


  1. I take it that when you snip the seams they start to go fuzzy and soft? It sounds really nice. The back's smooth, so if you want a slight change in look you just turn it over! Good know you could put another colour on the back..that doesn't clash with the one on the front and then when you turned it over you'd have a whole new look.. :-D

  2. Yeap! the snipping makes the fuzzy look after you give it a wash and dry! I've started one that has a cotton fabric on top, and fleece on the back, nothing in between, it feels so soft and light! It's my first experiment deviating away from how I learned, I'll post soon as its finished!

    Good idea about the back/front fabrics! I may try that in the near future!