Monday, 25 April 2011

My obsession!!

Hi there, My name is Tracey, and I am Obsessed. Yeap, I'm obsessed with the way rag quilts look, feel and are made. As soon as I seen my first one online, I HAD to learn and start to make them. Today I have a few in my etsy shop for sale. They are fuzzy and warm, like I said.. Obsessed!

I would like to thanks Sylvie For Inviting me to her wonderful blog!

As you can see, I've uploaded some pictures of some of the quilts that I've created. If you are interested in having a custom quilt made, or learning how to make these awesome quilts, please feel free to contact me @ ! Check out my shop here!!


  1. Quilting is such a beautiful talent : )

    Following you through the African Design team - hope you come and see us:

  2. Thank you both, Will check out your blog now SisterBatik ;)