Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Looking for Inspiration

I've been spending a lot of time recently writing to all the quilt groups I can find. I really would like them to write a short blurb and send me pictures of what they are doing. Then I'll post them here. It would be great for those quilt groups who don't have a web page. I think it would be great inspiration to others who are just beginners or someone who is far away from a group and wants to be able to see what's going on. I know there are magazines around, but somehow I think that this would be more personal because people could leave comments for the people to whom the particular blurb belongs, and they could answer can't do that with a magazine.

There has been one quilt group in Mexico, The La Paz Quilters, that have sent me some great photo's of things that they have been up to. They have also been involved in making bags out of fabric...I'm waiting on them for the photo's of the finished articles. It's so much fun seeing what others are creating.

Just about anything can give you inspiration. For example, here is a photo of a plate that I saw. I wondered if I could create something similar with fabric, into squares or rectangles or triangles and then make it into something.
The glass plate.
Wouldn't that be wild? I really must try it sometime..or maybe one of you can.

I painted a birthday card to my brother, but it could have been done in fabric I think. being from Africa, things like this are always popping into my head.
The Card.
Then there is the wild bird life that can inspire you. I dyed and painted this cushion cover for a customer in France..umm I think in about 1998 or 9. She recently emailed me and sent these photo's of the cover. She said that she still uses them all the time. I must admit , I'm pleased they are doing so well... :-)She has a table cloth for her dining room table as well.
The cushion cover.
The kingfishers close up.
 It is great to know that people appreciate your work. And so by putting photo's of your quilts up on the site, may get you a few comments....of course you'll have to tell everyone you know to take a look and leave a comment ha ha....

 Well that's it for today...stay well all and don't be shy!

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