Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Making a 'T' shirt special.

Sometimes you buy a T shirt and you'd like to make it special for the person you're giving it to. I did this with a T shirt I gave to my Daughter-in-Law. It was a shirt from St Martin in the Caribbean. She says she likes it..ha ha..well anyway I hope she does. Here are some photographs for you to look at.
The Shells were screen printed with the islands name under it.
I threw some dye at it and then cut out the shapes of fish and corals from a piece of printed fabric. I appliqued them on into what I thought was a pretty design.
The seaweed is cut from some taffeta that I have on board.
A close-up of the shell printing.
I cut the fabric and inserted the dolphin. :-)
Some little fish swimming up to the top right shoulder.
The bubbles normally come from the sand or the shells....I thought that it was a nice extra touch.
A close-up of the fish and corals at the bottom of the T shirt.
Oh yes, some of the seaweed was cut from a vari-dyed fabric....perfect.
Then on the back I did something else....
I cut this image out of some fabric and appliqued it on...
You could do the same with a T shirt that has developed some holes in awkward places ...make it new again!

So there we are :-) some fun and you end up with something pretty. Have a go!


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  3. you may find I have posted same comment multi X as my computer is too slow and suddenly nothing happens. Love your blog. Great handwork. Smallest workshop on the planet?

  4. No! You only posted it once! Thanks for your comment! I probably do have the smallest workshop on the planet...ha ha I never thought of it like that before :-D
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