Monday, 7 May 2018

Marrakesh Rainbow Tiles

Marrakesh, the challenge at Spoonflower this coming week is about the bright colours, smell of spices, fabrics flapping in the breeze, big blue skies, huge yellow sun..... of Marrakesh!

The archways are everywhere, and are a big part of Marrakesh, so, I took the arch and made flowers.......
Rainbow Tiles in Marrakesh
The Marrakesh Contest runs from May 10th. Vote for it in the Marrakesh Contest!

The quick way to vote is to page down to the bottom of all the entries, hit control and f, type house of heasman in the search box, click select, click submit, prove you're not a robot by typing in the word and click submit again. Easy Peasy!
Thanks so much!

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