Monday, 14 May 2018

Elegant Holiday

The Theme "Using at least two of the colors from the palette provided (#2B061E, #5A001C, #AAB5A8) & optional accents of black & white, create a repeating design inspired by a sophisticated winter dinner party." 

And as usual.. it takes time to come up with something.. LOL...And the first one felt lacking..
Posh Cloth Plain
Though my one Brother would like it because there is space around design.. I felt it didn't have OOOmmpphh!
So I tried again.. putting shadows behind the holly.. hmm stopped half way, didn't really like it and it was taking too long... Then I tried embossed holly leaves in the background.. and decided it was just too busy.. then I tried this....
And I felt that it had come together.. I have other coordinates and will add them here soon.. It's late and I'm tired..
So, thanks for visiting :>D

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