Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Elephant Love!

This week on Spoonflower, they're having a Limited Palette Design Challenge. The colours to be used are what they call Orchid, Navy and Burgundy with Black and white as optional extras. We have to use two of the first three colours and the design can be anything we're passionate about.

Light Orchid #D3A0CC
Navy #031838

Burgundy #81001E
Well, that was hard because I love flowers, and the ocean and wild animals and ideas whirled around in my head for days. Then one day I was on instagram and saw some fabric of buck, done in Africa somewhere and an idea sparked. Those buck were so graceful and looked amazing. I knew I had to try and get my design to give others that same feeling.. I played with animal ideas and eventually came up with..... Elephants! Ta Da!! ROFL Really graceful elephants.. well it's not graceful by a long shot, BUT it's LOVING!
Yes very loving, Elephant Mama's and their babies :>D
Holding Trunks
Notice.. I don't have any Burgundy.......? Wonder Why?
I Wanna Play
It's because the Burgundy looked like Blood....
Keep me Safe Mamma
And I'm sure we all agree, there has been too much bloodshed with Elephants!
Mischievous One

Casually Happy
What it looks like in repeat as a fabric......
Elephant Love
Challenge Size
Small or Tiny
Not nearly as awesome or mind blowing as that fabric I saw.. But I think is rather sweet. I have it on Spoonflower in three sizes.. HUGE, Medium and small.

I've also put it up on Woven Monkey and Print me Pretty, if you can't see them when you click the links, it's because they haven't been made for sale yet.. 

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