Thursday, 22 February 2018

Designing keeps me Sane...ish

Yeah, Sane! Don't know if I'm deluding myself because actually what is sane?

By my reasoning.. I'm sane.. ish...  In this world at this time as sane as I could be I suppose.

Every Now and then I'll be sneaking in a bit about a challenge design I've done during my absence from this blog. I do apologise, to all the hundreds of viewers who were used to visiting, for just disappearing like that. I will do my best to not let it happen again.

HALLOWEEN .... Which will inevitably be happening later this year... is always a fun time so here are some of my designs.. some of them.. I have others :>D
Anyway without further ado .... These designs are on Spoonflower AND  Woven Monkey UK and the last picture was a contest entry on Spoonflower.. again, it didn't do so well.. but hey ho :<D
White Spider Web on Black
Also found on Woven Monkey UK

Black Spider web on Orange
Also found on Woven Monkey UK

Black Spider web on Autumn Orange
Also found on Woven Monkey

Black Spider web at Twilight
Also found on Woven Monkey

Spooky Halloween
Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your curiosity :<D

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