Monday, 6 August 2012

Latest Madness with Mermaids

A few years ago I was asked by someone to paint a picture of a mermaid for their bathroom. This I duly did and my customer, I'm happy to say, was really happy with it. Last week I had another customer on the boat and she asked me if I'd do a Mermaid for her... so I did and this is what I've come up with :
The Mermaid.
I've uploaded it to my Fine Art America Site, where you can buy it for as little as $22 :-)

Then I got a WILD idea and worked on it to be able to make it into a fabric design.... I've done it in two ways ONE AS A LARGE PANEL 42 inches by 28 inches with some extra dyed fabric added to the side to make up the yard... and one yard starts at about $18 depending on the type of fabric you'd like it to be printed on... :
The Yard of Fabric
So on you'll see Mermaid at Home :-) by the YARD... I don't earn much from this as the company (Spoonflower) takes most of it...they have large overheads I guess... But I'm hoping that some of my designs may become popular :-)

Then I also did it to fit into a FAT QUARTER :
Fat Quarter of Mermaid at Home
So there you have it :-) More Mermaid Madness :-)

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