Thursday, 9 August 2012

African Safari

I've taken the plunge and entered a competition on  The contest still has some time to go before people can start voting  but it will probably be found HERE

The one I've entered is the Zigzag / Chevron cheater Contest. What it is, is a Cheat Quilt. What? you may ask.. lol....
Well we were invited to design, in a yard of fabric36 inches by the width of the fabric 42 inches, a Quilt Top. You would buy the yard and receive a piece of fabric printed to look like a finished quilt. All you'd have to do is put Batting and Backing fabric with it and sew / quilt it all together.
This is 42 inches wide and 36 inches long.. my African Safari Quilt Top Designed for the Zigzag Spoonflower Contest.
I'm quite excited about this. It took me ages and ages to put it together. I really do hope it was worth the effort; :-D 

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the read. :-)

  2. Sylvie that is just gorgeous! Would definitely buy something like that to "cheat" with. I could put more effort into the actual quilting than the designing of the top.

  3. Pretty! Very exotic and unique. Good luck.

  4. Thank you both very much. I had a lot of fun doing this :-)

  5. Love the design. It look like it took you hours but it came out beautiful!

  6. Hours..try days LOL :-) Thank you, I liked it too. It has inspired me to try more..I'll be uploading those to Spoonflower today :-)