Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fabric Design Contest on Spoonflower 'Zigzag Cheater'

Hello everyone! :) I have entered a quilt design into the latest spoonflower contest.
The Contest is called Zigzag Cheater Quilt.
When I first read this I thought that it had to be a design that was full of zigzags and know the animal from Africa... How weird I thought... but then I read on.. and I learned something new :) 
A 'Cheater' Quilt design is actually a fully laid out design to work as a completed Quilt Top! Yeah, so if you're unsure about how to quilt you can go and buy one of these and put it together with batting and a backing fabric, quilt all over it and bind it and There You Are.. :) What a Cheat :) But that's the idea isn't it. ha ha.
This is what my design looks like. :-)
So now I need all of you to rush off and VOTE for me. I really need the exposure you know. I do a heck of a lot for the folks in the QQQ Team, and I'm hoping that they will want to do something for me in return :) AND to pass it onto all their friends and they to their friends etc. etc. 
This of course is not just for the QQQ Team.. it's for everyone and anyone who likes the design and would like my work to become recognised :-)
This is the LINK to my shop on Spoonflower.


  1. Gorgeous as always, headed over there now. Hopefully it is easier to vote for you then it is to leave feedback on your particular fabrics that we like :)

    Ruth @ Gabby's Quilts & my other shop GabbysQuiltsNSupply

  2. Thank you Ruth! :-D
    To leave a comment on spoonflower you actually have to sign in.. then find the design you want, click on it to make it come up as a full page.. scroll down to the bottom of the page...alllllll the way past 'other fabrics with this name...''' blah, blah,... then you'll get to the comments box.
    It took me ages to find it.... I wish they wouldn't tuck it away so well. :-p

  3. My design came tie 72nd out of 216 entries with 122 votes. I wondered maybe if I didn't have enough zigzag in it.. oh well :p

    I want to thank everyone who took the time to go and vote for my work. It's most appreciated.

    From time to time I'll be entering other spoonflower contests and I'd appreciate it if you kept an eye on this blog so that if you liked the design you can go and vote for it :)

    Once again Thanks for everything.