Friday, 22 June 2012

Designing Custom Fabric

I've been hard at it and have come up with more designs that are to say the least..unusual :-) I am also in the process of designing a Christmas / Ocean fabric.. hmm should be interesting :-)

Anyway here are what I've done recently:
Under the Sea Surface.
This is about 8 or 9 inches square in real life.. it goes well with the 7.5 inch blocks I have on Etsy. See HERE for example. The others seen on the print above are also listed on Etsy :-)

I have designed a fabric that can be used in conjunction with this design above and with the others on Etsy as a Sashing or backing fabric for your quilt.
Backing or Shashing fabric

Of course I'm thinking only in terms of quilting :-) there are probably other ways to utilise this fabric.
The site where I sell these designs is found HERE.  If you can only see a few designs then click 'ALL'  next to 'Fabric for sale' and 'designs not for sale'. They are in the process of being proofed and then will be available... so just keep watch. :-) If there is something you like you can click on it to leave a message :-). feel free to Tweet and Like and add to favourites . 

Than I did these : I dyed the fabric, photographed it and then manipulated it on my computer.. it took me quite a while but I think that the result is very interesting!
I started with this.
Developed this.
Stepped it and got this.
Manipulated it to get this ribbon woven effect.
Manipulated it to get this effect called a Fractured Effect.
You should see how these look in a few yards of fabric... rather pretty I think.  Click HERE to go and have a look :-) You'll get to a page with a lot of my designs on.. just scroll down :-)


  1. They are certainly unusual, but do get me thinking about possibilities! My husband would love the fish.

  2. Thank you :-) They will be up for sale within the next 10 days :-)

  3. I really wish they would hurry up and come up for sale, I am looking at the crab one, and waiting (very impatiently) for them to be available.

  4. Ruth.. that's great to know.. I'm back in internet land..and will check to see if the crab one is available yet.. if not I'll sort it out and let you know :-)
    Thank you :-)