Friday, 8 June 2012

Christmas Fabric in the making

So no comments on my last blog.... hmmm you probably all hate the stripe but just don't want to say so... :-p I don't mind if you hate it, or feel indifferent to it.. these are the things I need to know :-) it's great guidance as to which direction to take to be able to create the best design. :-D

So while you've all been avoiding me..I've been working :-)
Here are my latest changes to the collection... Then the stripe..then the red tree balls, the loopy decorations and a geometric....
 These are the new additions:


  1. Sylvie - you are having fun, aren't you? Here's my constructive criticism, based purely on what appeals to me, and me only: I really like the red balls - I think they could be cut up nicely for piecing in quilts. The red and yellow with the green background seems a bit too formal, or 'stiff' somehow. Maybe if the green background were a little softer to match the trees in your other fabric? If I were picking out fabrics, I would skip that one. Again, that's just me. The blue, white and black design is pretty cool!

  2. Hi Sylvie-- I love your fabric. Probably the only thing that would keep me from buying it is that the price is high, which I know is unavoidable. So I would buy a couple yards of the really unique snowman print as the star of my quilt and fill in with cheaper accents. If I ever get successful with my shop and sell enough to actually make a profit, I would do it differently.

    My favorite designer is Alexander Henry. I love their stuff because it is bold and different and modern. I think the more risk you take with the design, the better. When some people hate it, some people will wildly love it.

    I'm looking for really different fabric for the holidays. Like you, I'm tired of red and green and love the blue you chose.

    I'm also thinking of halloween. Check out the Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. So cool.

    I really think you will do great with your fabric design-- you are an amazingly creative person with a unique, beautiful style!

  3. Thank you ladies! Your words are most welcome. :-)
    I shall take everything into consideration..

    I thought the balls were good...have gone off the box stripe...too boring.. the decorative balls _ I agree I'll have a bash at loosening them up...and lightening the back ground...So glad the geometric design made muster.. I like it a lot and have used it partially in another design..
    Thanks again for everything!!