Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Christmas in June

Wow what a shock, Christmas in June.. well I'm thinking of fabrics for Christmas quilting and the other day someone was talking about needing some fabric with snowmen on them..I thought hey great idea I'll  design some and stick them on my Spoonflower site.

So first of all I designed this one...
Snowmen Dancing

I'm sort of sure that this ..what you see here is about 10 inches wide.. The cream writing isn't on the design of course, that's just to let everyone know that the design belongs to ME! :-)

Then I went on and designed an accompaniment to this and here it is:
Christmas trees and Snowmen
This is hopefully an 8 inch square.. I'll find out when I upload it onto Spoonflower...
The repeat looks like this:
The address on spoonflower is this

I thought that this would be a great design to cut blocks from ... I'd love some constructive criticism from you all... really and truly! 
Have I got the back ground the wrong colour? what do you think it should be? 

I'm going to do some stripes or something as another one to go with these two... or, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!!!! 
Cheers for now.


  1. What a fun print! I do like the background color, and the repeat works out really well. My comment would be on the pattern with the trees, the sticks used for the snowman's lips appear to me to have an evil-sorta grin. I'm not sure why, as I've looked at it a lot, but that's what my brain keeps telling me. It's probably programmed to like snowmen with a smile made from rocks. Do you have other fabrics you've designed?

  2. Both designs are fun. I like them. I'm not sure I like the background color (lavender) though. Maybe a blue or gray/blue?

  3. Barb - Oh thanks.. I did wonder about the sticks.. maybe I'll change it :-)
    Yes I have other fabrics if you click on the link under the last picture it will take you to my spoonflower studio :-)

    Lorri D - I like the sound of a grey blue background.. I'll try it thanks. :-)