Saturday, 28 May 2011

Remember the blog "Something Exciting is happening" ?

Well It's happened. A wonderful quilter who has a shop on called Moose Carol Quilts  bought some of my Quilt Blocks and made a Pillow Sham to sell in her shop. How cool is that! I'm so excited about this.
Photo's photo's you say...come on Sylvie..lay them out... ha ha Okay here they are:

The Pillow Sham..doesn't come stuffed.. ha ha
Some close-ups of the blocks.....she did some great quilting on them. I love it.
Swimming Crab
Immature Spider Conch Shell.
Trigger Fish.
A Shell from the Muricidae Family.
Swimming Crab.
A Blenny..cute little fish that hides in holes.
This wonderful Lady also bought 2 other pieces from me and I couldn't fathom what she was going to do with them....what a surprise when I saw the results.
A Mug Rug!
And Another Mug Rug!
Aren't they great! I think they are :-D The Turtle and the Baby Seahorses are found in my Green/Blue range and the others are found in my Teal range. Thing is when the ones I have in stock are finished..that's it...Anything new that comes next will be totally if you like any of these you'd better buy it before someone else nabs it ;-D

Cheers for now.....
This is a scheduled Post...I'm still on the high seas...-p with probably not much wind... 

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