Monday, 23 May 2011

Greetings from Becky in Eastern Oregon!

First of all, a special thanks to Sylvie for putting this together and asking me to guest post! Her computer skills far surpass mine, and her sewing and artistic skills have been so inspiring!

I'm a stay-at-home mom with little opportunity to travel, so seeing her travel photos and reading her blog has been a real treat! We use solar power in our lives, and that's how I "met" Sylvie, on the Etsy "Solar-powered team".

Besides mothering, sewing, blogging, and harvesting the sun in Eastern Oregon, I also enjoy gardening and trying to cook as much as I can for my family naturally and from scratch. My kids have begun the teen-transition though, and it's getting harder and harder to keep up with their voracious appetites LOL! It's also harder and harder to steer them away from all of the sugar and junk food out there. I myself fall victim from time to time, but with Spring here, we've been able to start planting our garden, and hopefully soon will have a ton of fresh berries and veggies. Here's a picture of our garden.
I started my Etsy shop in an attempt to make a bit of money to make ends meet. I made a few Kindle covers for Christmas, and soon had many people asking for them. I'm "solarthreads" on Etsy, and so far I've sold more than I thought I would, but I'm hoping to sell more. I have these all ready to bind and sew together right now.
I also quilt, and have recently become addicted to fabric postcards. Here's my most recent quilt, and some postcards that I'm getting ready for a swap that I'm doing.
My personal blog is "Beckysblabber". I'd love to see you over there too! Thanks again to Sylvie, for inviting me to be part of her blog!!


  1. Hi Becky! Wow, I didn't know that about yo - the sun harvesting and the garden. That's wonderful! The postcards look great! : ) I'm in 'the other' swap. ; ) I can't wait to trade with you.

    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  2. Love your quilt, and envious of your garden...looks wonderful. I'm too old to have a veggie garden anymore, so just putter with a few flowers, and try to buy organic as much as possible.

  3. Beautiful Quilt!! Amazing job!

    My kids and I hope to have a garden too one day, although.. I'm willing to bet it'll be me doing most of the work.. haha. that's the way it goes right ? :P