Monday, 16 April 2018


Well that's a wide theme, Geology! What to do, what to do.. I had in mind... fossils. I have a small sample of a fossil at home.... and it got me thinking....
A friend and I were wandering through a shop and it was loaded with crystals and all sorts of carved quartz balls.. a real treasure trove.
This design was born:
Click on this to see the whole design on Spoonflower

Click on this to see the full design on Woven Monkey
 The design on Woven Monkey may take a day or two to become visible, and for sale, please be patient. I like WM because you can get a really good look at the design with their magnifying glass.
Click on this to see the full design on Print Me Pretty
 It may take longer than a few days to see this design for sale on Print Me Pretty ( a UK based company), due to a sample print being required before it goes for sale.
Click on this to go to the contest to vote on Spoonflower.
People are still submitting their work, the voting will start on Thursday 19th April 2018 and go till the 24th April 2018.
The quick way to vote is to page down to the bottom of all the entries, hit control and f, type house of heasman in the search box, click select, click submit, prove you're not a robot by typing in the word and click submit again. Easy Peasy!
Thanks so much!

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