Sunday, 29 April 2018

Endangered Species!

It's never too late, well, sometimes it can be, so you have to act NOW! Don't think that "someone else" is going to give, or create, or do, or help, or fix... because they probably think that "someone else" will!

If everyone does something.. no matter how small.. they all add up to something HUGE!

My cry is for the BEES!
Here's what I did to bring attention to them.......Click the caption under each picture to see the design.

Plain Honeycomb with Bees

Honeycomb Plain

Honeycomb with black outline and BEES

Honeycomb with black outline

Honeycomb Cream Solid  

Honeycomb Pale Gold Solid

Honeycomb Gold Solid

Honeycomb Very Dark Gold

Honeycomb Rust Solid

Honeycomb Dk Olive

Honeycomb Chocolate Solid
These are all the coordinates I made for the top design. I do hope you like them :>D

The quick way to VOTE is to page down to the bottom of all the entries, hit control and f, type house of heasman in the search box, click select, click submit, prove you're not a robot by typing in the word and click submit again. Easy Peasy!
Thanks so much!

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