Saturday, 12 September 2015

Zentangle designs

Well they are exciting to me and so I thought I'd better share them as you may also like them :-)

I have entered one into the latest Spoonflower Contest. The Theme is ditsy lizards so I decided I wanted to do a zentangle design and came up with these:

This one is the one I've entered into the Contest.
These are colourways I did.
If you like the design but the colours are wrong for you.. It's no problem.. I can change them quite easily :-) So just ask and it will be done!

I have in mind to do one with Dragonflies and also one with Butterflies and would welcome any suggestions of others that you might like to see, done in this style. 


  1. What beautiful work! (I would never have the patience to do such intricate drawing but I greatly admire anyone who does!) I came across your lovely patterns on Woven Monkey while I was uploading some of mine (PoshandPainterly) - I always look and see if mine are among the 'latest'! How did you get on with the competition, by the way?

  2. Oh my word... so long ago that you wrote to me.. I don't remember getting a notice that a comment was posted.. I'm so sorry!! You must have thought I was rather rude. The lizards came 11th out of 240 designs. I hope this gets to you.. better late than never they say. Please accept my profound apologies!

  3. Well done for coming so high up the list - you certainly deserve to do well! :)

  4. Thank you! It's so kind of you to say so! Have a wonderful weekend!