Saturday, 12 September 2015

Zentangle designs

Well they are exciting to me and so I thought I'd better share them as you may also like them :-)

I have entered one into the latest Spoonflower Contest. The Theme is ditsy lizards so I decided I wanted to do a zentangle design and came up with these:

This one is the one I've entered into the Contest.
These are colourways I did.
If you like the design but the colours are wrong for you.. It's no problem.. I can change them quite easily :-) So just ask and it will be done!

I have in mind to do one with Dragonflies and also one with Butterflies and would welcome any suggestions of others that you might like to see, done in this style. 

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  1. What beautiful work! (I would never have the patience to do such intricate drawing but I greatly admire anyone who does!) I came across your lovely patterns on Woven Monkey while I was uploading some of mine (PoshandPainterly) - I always look and see if mine are among the 'latest'! How did you get on with the competition, by the way?


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