Friday, 9 November 2012

Holiday Cocktail Napkins / Serviettes

There is this contest on Spoonflower at the moment, for the nicest cocktail napkin design 5 by 5 inches in size. Rather small I thought but then I said to myself.. why not, it doesn't need to be large when you're standing holding a glass of bubbly and a canapĂ©.
I could only enter one, but that didn't stop me from designing a whole collection. :^D
This is the one I entered :
Christmas Cocktail Serviette.
I wanted to create something that was smart and hopefully with a touch of class, that would attract a customer of discerning taste...
The choice of fabric for this should be Cotton Silk at $27 a yard.. you'd get 42 Cocktail serviettes from each yard.
Here are the others  in the collection:
An alternative Christmas Cocktail Napkin.
A Hanukkah Cocktail Serviette.

Cocktail Serviette for Easter.
St Patrick's Day Cocktail Napkin
Halloween Cocktail Napkins.
Thanksgiving Cocktail Napkins.
Frangipani for Any Special Party you may have in mind.
To make that special day perfect. Wedding / Anniversary Cocktail serviettes.
So there they are.. I'd love to hear your comments on them.. 

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