Monday, 19 November 2012

A New Idea

well I was looking at my designs for Cocktail napkins / serviettes and a thought struck me. Thwack! :^D
I can make them even more personal to each and every person who would like a yard or two. HOW?
Like this:
The Wedding / Anniversary Napkin
The collection of all the napkins I've designed can be seen in a previous post or click HERE to go to them on Spoonflower.
Each customer could request whatever they liked to be printed onto the napkins. I'd upload a revised design, they'd place the order and in a few days it arrives on their doorstep. I don't think you could ask for more! They would have to have a hem sewn around the edges or cut with crimping scissors, to stop them from fraying. 

There is also a product called Fray Check that can be bought from almost every sewing shop and some Wallmarts. What you'd do is with a ruler draw a line of Fray Check along the thin outline edge on the fabric, then with your roller cutter slice the napkins out. The Fray Check will hold through many washes. 

Another thing that can be done is a simple line of sewing, straight or decorative, along the dark edge of the napkin, then cut along the thin line and allow the edges of the napkin to fray... That would be rather pretty I think. 

Whatever you can think of, to have written on one of these, it can be done.. just let me know :^D.

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