Monday, 3 January 2011

Learning Beading....

Hi there everyone :-) Happy new year to you all! 
I've started to learn how to do beading because I want to be able to embellish my quilts with all sorts of things. Have a look... :-)
Earrings using glass beads and shells.
Some close-up's...
I wove the beads through the shell.
The other earring's shell detail.
The twirl of beads climbing the black center.
Top View.
The catch, made with stringing various shells into the beads.
The shells have tiny holes drilled in them by a predator in the ocean...I use these holes to thread the shells into the design. The bracelet is made from three separate strands of peyote bead stitch, 4 beads wide...then you plait it and add more beads at the end to join the three ends together, next to each other. This part can be tricky but when you're done it looks rather good. I made a loop at one end so that I could thread the beads and shells through it, completing the clasp.

So that's what I've done recently... I'm not sure how I'll be using this new knowledge on a quilt but I'm sure that one day I'll figure it out. *grin* come on now people haven't you got any comments???

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