Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Animals of the Ocean!

This one was easy for me. I love the ocean and had so much fun producing my design for it, though I must admit drawing the anemones were time consuming!
Clown Fish at Home

What's Going On

Who's Out There?

You Can't See Me
Click on any of the picture captions, or HERE to see the main design on Spoonflower!

This contest runs from June 7th to June 12th, so you don't have much time to VOTE! Please don't forget, I do know how busy lives can be so here's a hint.......

The quick way to vote is: To page down to the bottom of all the entries, hit control and f, type house of heasman in the search box, click select, click submit, prove you're not a robot by typing in the word and click submit again. Easy Peasy!
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