Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sailing Fabric Design

There is an upcoming Spoonflower contest called "Sailing". I've entered the following design into it. I first designed the centre section with the lighthouse and then designed the other sections around it. Notice the birds by the trees at the top left side. :^D

Do you see the dolphin playing at the bow of the yacht and the birds sitting and flying in a group behind the yacht. We have been in this situation many many times. It's amazing and wonderful. :^D
Modern Day Ocean Crossings.

Both David and I raced dinghy's from the age of 8. This next drawing brings back memories of those days.
Childhood Racing Memories...
This next one grew from memories of sailing in the Indian Ocean off the Mozambique Coast. The locals sail little boats at night with no navigation lights, so you have to be very careful you don't hit them. Notice the star constellations, there is Pisces Austrinus, Part of Sculptor, Part of Grus, Part of Capricornus and Part of Microscopium. These are constellations seen in the south of the Northern skies in Autumn. Not the stars you'd see sailing off Mozambique, but ones I like :-).
Memories of Mozambique.
This next section is all about racing and these yachts are supposed to be those huge cats that are racing in San Francisco at the America's Cup. We've sailed there and I'm able to imagine these yachts racing there too.
Racing in or near San Francisco
The picture below is a reminder of how our ancestors travelled across the oceans, braving the weather and awful conditions on the ships, to be able to start life anew. Some of the Stars seen here are the Southern Cross or Acrux and Mimosa, The Crux, Orion, and Musca,

Historic Ocean Travel.
Here we have another nostalgic modern day cruiser sailing the oceans looking for an anchoring spot on the far side of this island for a while... or maybe continuing on through the night to a destination they have chosen. A red sky at night.. means a clear night with no rain.
Cruising the world, visiting wonderful new lands.
This is the complete picture. One repeat of the design that is 18 inches by 21 inches in size. A Fat Quarter as the Quilters know it.It's a half drop repeat so 3 full ones and two half designs fit into a yard.
One repeat
I'm thinking that this design would look great made into a scatter cushion / throw pillow, or even as curtains.  Here is a picture of it repeated.
This is what a yard would look like..
If you like it, During the week starting 24th April to 30th April, this design will be available to be voted please take a few minutes to vote for it : This link is to the present contest, but they're all run off the same page.. The sailing contest will be number 186.. so just change the 5 to a 6 and hit enter.. you'll see it :-) 

At the moment I have another design about Pop Art Chickens, that is in the 185 contest. Busy Busy.. heehee.. AND a whole new blog post...

Thanks! :^D


  1. What amazing designs those are! How do you do all that wonderful designing! Thanks for sharing with us and I will be sure to vote next week! :)

  2. Thank you Colleen! I go to sleep at night thinking about a design and by the morning I have some ideas..... sometimes I see things that make me think of a design.. and Spoonflower keeps me rather occupied with their contests.. they have one every week. I don't enter them all but I try and do quality work for the ones I do enter.
    Once again thank you for your kind words! :^D

  3. Cool boats Sylvie! I hope spoonflower is working out for you and it looks it. Are you becoming a little addictive to designing fabrics?

  4. Ha ha Thanks Patricia! I always was and always will be an and textile designer first, then a quilter and beader. :-) This is the first time I've been able to design like this outside a fabric screen printing factory and I'm loving it.. Only time will tell about Spoonflower 'working' for me.. I have to sell a lot of fabric to earn anything worthwhile as far as cash goes, what with only getting 10% of the final sale.. but I live to design so I'm hoping that it will soon take off and earn me a living :-).