Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Father and Mother Christmas in Fiji.

Father and Mother Christmas in Fiji.

This is breaking news... Father Christmas and Mother Christmas are on holiday in Fiji.

We spotted them one day as we drove past their houseboat. Even while on holiday Father Christmas is at work. At this time he was making some really great looking fishing lures that, he says, "are guaranteed to catch you a great meal". Well, who can fault that! 
A Lure...He makes all different colours, but we liked this one.
Mother Christmas is a lovely lady, she's just as I imagined her, kind , cheerful and generous. 
Of course they do have names other than what the world calls them, but they asked me to keep those a secret. They said that they'd like to be able to avoid junk mail as much as possible. They get a huge amount of mail every year and they didn't want to add to that. "Thank heavens," they told me, "that we have such a great team of Elves helping out back home otherwise we'd never be able to sneak off like this and enjoy a bit of sun."
I asked them when the Elves go on holiday. I was informed that that too was a secret or the Elves would get no peace from all the children in the world. 

To prove that this isn't a hoax, They agreed to a photograph, so here they are in their casual relaxed mode. 

I think they look very happy together. don't you?

PS: If you'd like one of those lures, send an email to Sylvie at and I'll arrange for him to contact you.

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