Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Best Blog Hop in Town!

I'm trying something new. It sounds like fun.
Everyone can participate!
Just click on the blue link below  and add the Name and address of your favourite blog post! It can be your own or someone else's blog. It doesn't matter. You will only be able to do this for a week starting today. So give it a try and lets see how many blogs we can visit in a week.!!


  1. The first address I submitted was one of my artworks on etsy, hoping for a picture, but it just gave a label. but the link does take you to my shop site.. ;-D The next one is to a genuine blog.... well I'm still learning. *grin* You have a go now!

  2. Looks great.. Blog hops are fun, they get you new followers and new blogs to follow.

  3. Thanks for hosting this! I love checking out new blogs!

  4. Okay.. I'll try it again.. maybe get some pics up this time.. not sure :-D