Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dear Canada Post..

Please go back to work. I know that you want more money, and you want more from your pension plan, but please, please go back to work so that the rest of us that rely on you can return to our normal activities and lives.

I stay at home so that I don't have to give my children to others everyday in hopes they teach them what I want them to learn. I keep myself from getting the blah's by creating and selling things. It feels good to produce something in my spare time. Something I can see where all my time went. Something someone else will feel is beautiful and useful. Something someone else will buy so I can continue to keep myself occupied in my free time.

I know I am not alone in this. Some people actually supplement their income in this way, and if they are very good at it, some can and have been supporting themselves by doing just this. .

Canada Post.. You are not only hurting the people that own the company that gives you 19$ as a starting wage (pretty sure that's 9$ more then min wage at least, which a lot of people DO live off) but you are hurting the small guys who rely on you to keep ourselves in business and afloat as well..

So in short, anytime you are ready to go back to work now, please do.

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